For the last few weeks in worship, we’ve been exploring the mission priorities that the Session has identified for First Pres over the next couple of years: engaging new people and nurturing their faith and discipleship; ministry with children, youth, and their families; diverse and engaging worship opportunities.

This Sunday, we will focus on the remaining mission priority: ministries of service and justice in the larger community. We’ve been exploring these mission priorities during the annual stewardship campaign to highlight our conviction that this congregation is not only doing important and impactful ministry right now in the world, but that God is calling us to an even greater and more dynamic mission as a congregation, and now is the time to boldly answer that call.

That is why the Session is urging all of our members to take a significant step forward in their giving for 2020: so that we can empower our programs, staff, and buildings to support such a bold mission.

This Sunday will also be our Pledge Dedication Sunday for the 2020 Stewardship Campaign, when we literally come forward in worship to consecrate our intentions to support Christ’s mission for this church through our pledges. So, between now and Sunday, I’m asking you to do several important things as a member or friend of this congregation.

First, carefully read the Stewardship Campaign letter that you should have received in the mail already; if you’ve already read it, read it again! Second, consider what kind of financial pledge you can make to help us answer God’s call as a church as described in the letter; if you’ve already made your pledge, consider it again!

Third, bring your pledge card to dedicate in one of the worship services on Sunday (if you’ve already made your pledge or forget your card, don’t worry, we’ll have cards in worship that you can use). And finally, please hold this church and our mission in your prayers every day, that we may be able to fulfill God’s mission for us with grace and power in all that we do.

I feel extraordinarily blessed to be a part of this congregation at this pivotal and exciting time in our life together, and grateful to be able to support it through my own gifts, time, and work.

I hope you feel the same way, and that together we will enter the year 2020 with a profound sense of God’s Spirit moving among us and guiding us as we do God’s work. Thank you for being a part of First Presbyterian!

Grace and Peace,