Greetings to you brothers and sisters in Christ,

This Sunday in worship we will hear the story of the miracle of the feeding of more than five thousand people with two fish and five loaves of bread.  It is an awesome miracle story that is found in all four gospels, and we will hear Matthew’s account.  Don’t you just love a good miracle????

Can you imagine with me sitting on the great big grassy area The Rev. Suzanne Trump, Associate Pastor of Formation and Compassionlistening to Jesus teach and heal.  The weather was just perfect around the water and the people were listening and watching intently.  Alas, it was getting a bit late, around supper time.  Everyone rushed to hear Jesus, and no one knew it would go for so long.  Who thought to bring food???

As the disciples are starting to panic, someone notices that a young boy had two fish and five loaves of bread and before you know it, everyone is eating.  Jesus blessed the young boy’s food and suddenly there is enough, more than enough for everybody.  And after they are done eating, there are still twelve baskets of leftovers!!!!!

Absolutely amazing.  Great story, right? And it is our story too.  Ok, we don’t get to sit on the lawn and listen to Jesus teach and see him heal.  And we are not likely to see a miraculous amount of food come from a simple offering of two fish and five loaves of bread.  But together we can.  Can what, you ask?  Come on Sunday morning or tune in online to find out.  Miracles still happen!!!!!!