I send you a special thank you for your continued prayers for our members who are in the hospital, rehab, skilled nursing facilities, or home bound. Whenever I tell someone I am visiting that their church family is praying for them, they are so grateful! Some say, “Tell them to keep praying” or “Tell them I feel their prayers.”

I am a firm believer in prayer and have seen the comfort and support it brings to someone who is going through one of life’s many difficulties. To rest on prayer is to put God in charge of the outcome and enable us to focus on the intricacies of our particular challenging time.

Our Deacon Ministry works hard to meet the needs of many in our congregation. I thank Rich Gorton, chair of the Deacon Ministry, for his leadership. Our Deacons — Phil Fair, Melody Engel, Amanda Gerrity, Laura Huffard, Wayne Kelly, Deb Phillpotts, and Jack Walker — offer their time and talents to facilitate the various ministries within the Deacon Board:

Our Prayer Team faithfully prays for our congregation. Each week a list of prayer requests is printed and placed in the various literature racks throughout the church and available Sunday morning.

Our Hospital Ministrants visit those who need a long-term stay in the hospital or other medical facilities. (Please note: upon admission to a hospital please, let the admission’s clerk know you are a member of First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem. Our church code is 724.)

Our Home Communion team graciously takes communion to those in Nursing Homes on the first Sunday of each month.

Our Deacon Fund helps us to help those who are struggling financially.

We also have several Support Groups:

Dementia Caregivers – Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1 PM.

Overcomers Outreach – Meets Wednesday evenings at 7 PM in Room 408.  This is a 12-step support group that ministers to individuals, their families, and loved ones who suffer consequences of an addictive behavior.

Bereavement Support Group – Meets on the first Sunday of the month at 12 noon in the Presbyterian Women’s room. This group offers support to each other dealing with the loss of a loved one.

In addition, this fall we will begin a group for those suffering with depression, and our Stephen’s Ministry Program will be active.

If you have any questions or comments or if you know someone who could benefit from a visit or call,  please contact me at 610-867-5865 ext 409 or 610-217-1171.

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Sue Bennetch
Pastoral Care Associate