Log College Project Update

About a month ago, I wrote to you that we had been chosen as one of 53 congregations to participate in the “Log College Project” of the Institute for Youth Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary.

I am pleased to give you a brief update and invite you to reflect upon the work done so far.

The “Log College Project” promotes innovative and intergenerational programs in local congregations by providing grants to build new ministries. To do so, “Blueprints” — a metaphor for constructing a building — guide a congregation in tasks and exercises to design and implement those new forms.

Here at FPCB, almost 20 people showed up on short notice the day after Memorial Day to start the process. Following a wonderful discussion about youth ministry and how it could look at FPCB, participants selected “tasks” suggested by the Project to prepare for the design portion — things like interviewing individuals, gathering groups, looking at demographic studies of the Lehigh Valley, and so on. Just two weeks later, the group reconvened to report on their findings and go through the “Blueprint” planning process.

Elder Elizabeth Conard, leading the process with me, has compiled the results of that exercise into a document you can read online by clicking here. The results are grouped into a “SWOT” Analysis:  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

I hope you will check out the document: see the hopes and dreams of our youth ministries design team; consider what they say are our greatest strengths and weaknesses, our opportunities and threats.  I’d love to hear your comments. Email me with ideas or questions you may have — I’ll pick them up when I return.

The Log College Project launches us into new ways to reflect the kingdom of God in our church and our community.  We are excited about the future of youth ministries here at FPCB, and hope you will let us know through your comments that you are, too!

Grace and Peace,