This project is focused on establishing a partnership with a long-standing local nonprofit partner who will co-locate with the church in our existing facilities. Adaptively re-using the South Building in this way will provide a consolidated location for our nonprofit partner to offer support services and housing security for the families they serve.


In October 2023, we began a feasibility study with a local architecture firm to determine:

1. Whether the identified nonprofit partner’s needs fit in the South Building

2. Whether the church’s office, gathering space, and classroom needs fit in the lower floors of the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall buildings

3. What mechanical, engineering, plumbing, and other system updates are needed for these new uses to be possible

4. The potential construction costs for the needed renovations and system upgrades to make this new model possible

So far the first two steps of that study are underway with steps 3 and 4 to begin later in 2023. We expect this feasibility study to conclude sometime late 2023-early 2024.

We hope to have a Memorandum of Understanding with the nonprofit partner no later than April 2024. That partner’s strategic plans identify 2026 as their relocation goal, so the timeline includes space for the needed fundraising, renovations, and moving.

As soon as we are able to share more about the progress of the feasibility study and/or nonprofit partner’s identity, we will do so!