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  • Pastor’s Message 2-8-19

    Every week at our church staff meeting, the team does a “Looking Back, Looking Forward” exercise in which we all take a moment to look back at the major accomplishments of the previous week, before turning to the priorities that are coming up for us as individuals and as a...

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  • Pastor’s Message 2-1-19

    A MESSAGE FROM PASTOR J.C. AUSTIN: Annual Meeting and More I want to draw your attention to some big and special things that are happening on Sunday, February 10. First, the Session has called the Annual Meeting of the Congregation & Corporation of First Presbyterian Church for that Sunday. One...

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  • Pastor’s Message 1-25-19

    A MESSAGE FROM PASTOR J.C. AUSTIN: A Special Blessing – Our Retired Pastors This past week there was an article entitled “Retired Pastors Enrich Congregations” in the Presbyterian Outlook (the main independent publication in the Presbyterian Church (USA)). It detailed how the First Presbyterian Church in Sarasota, Florida has a...

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  • Pastor’s Message 1-18-19

    A Message from Pastor J.C. Austin: “Kubernesis” – A Gift of the Spirit Did you know that administration is a spiritual gift? When we talk about spiritual gifts, it’s usually things that feel a little more…spiritual. When I was working in theological education before coming to First Pres, I was...

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  • Pastor’s Message 1-11-19

    A year ago, as we resumed operational control of the church property at 2344 Center Street, the Session decided to schedule a contemporary-style worship service at 9 am and a traditional-style service at 10:30 am each week, more or less matching the worship practice in recent years for the congregation....

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  • Community Workshop: “Restorative Practices”

    Restorative Practices Workshop offered at First Presbyterian Church Local author Robert Costello presented an informational workshop, “Restorative Practices: Changing Our Response to Wrongdoing” on Saturday, Jan. 26 at First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem. The workshop attracted about 50 adults from the congregation and larger community. Costello defined restorative justice and...

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  • Pastor’s Message 1-4-19

    PASTOR’S MESSAGE FROM REV. J.C. AUSTIN: Sudden Events = Lasting Impact I just learned this week that PNC Bank does an annual calculation of the actual cost of all the presents that are supposedly given in the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” This year, they warned that the devoted...

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  • Pastor’s Message 12-28-18

    A MESSAGE FROM PASTOR J.C. AUSTIN: Christmas Blessings Merry Christmas!!! One of the odd things about the Christmas season, of course, is that the cultural observance of Christmas essentially ends on Dec 25, when that is only the beginning of the Christian season of Christmas. As even the secular song...

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  • Funds Available through McKnight Scholarship

    Jim and Minnie McKnight were Presbyterian missionaries who served for 15 years prior to World War II in the Sudan region of Africa. Their family and friends established an endowed fund at First Presbyterian to honor the McKnights and to encourage individuals to participate in the life-changing experience of visiting...

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  • Hearts and Minds

    HEARTS AND MINDS will start this year in room 400 with an examination of Quaker author Philip Gulley’s provocative and engaging classic, “If the Church were Christian: Rediscovering the Values of Jesus.”  As Gulley notes, “It is apparent, after several millennia of experimentation, that the Ten Commandments we Christians all know and...

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  • Mission Notes: La Entrata, Honduras

    By Leslie Pohl FPCB Elder Imagine for a moment that you have to walk two hours just to get to a doctor’s appointment.  Imagine for a moment that your children can’t go to school because you can’t afford their uniforms, books, or lunch.  Imagine for a moment that your cataracts are so...

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