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Hearts and Minds

HEARTS AND MINDS will start this year in room 400 with an examination of Quaker author Philip Gulley’s provocative and engaging classic, “If the Church were Christian: Rediscovering the Values of Jesus.”  As Gulley notes, “It is apparent, after several millennia of experimentation, that the Ten Commandments we Christians all know and love and want to hang in courtrooms haven’t lived up to their billing. We’re still coveting, fornicating, and stealing, and seeming to enjoy it more than ever.” Rather, he articulates “new standards” that reflect the teachings of Jesus “around which we can orient our lives” (, providing a profound picture of what the church could look like if it refocused on the priorities of Jesus.

New and used copies of the book are available through Amazon (if you go to the site through, you can select a charity to which Amazon will make a small donation) — but everyone is invited to the class, regardless of whether you’re reading the book.

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