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Mission Notes: La Entrata, Honduras

By Leslie Pohl
FPCB Elder

Imagine for a moment that you have to walk two hours just to get to a doctor’s appointment.  Imagine for a moment that your children can’t go to school because you can’t afford their uniforms, books, or lunch.  Imagine for a moment that your cataracts are so bad that you can’t see, but maybe, maybe, in a year, you’ll have an operation when a U.S. missionary doctor comes to your area. These are circumstances the average person in Honduras lives with.

But despite these adversities, these warm and loving people have their faith, their families, and, several times a year, people who come from a world away to help them.

From July 8 to 15, I joined others, including members of Allentown’s The Barn, a church led by Pastors Sue Pizor Yoder and Joanne Marchetto, to spend a week in La Entrata, Honduras, at Heart for Honduras School, a school for children who can’t afford public school and would go uneducated, continuing the cycle of poverty.  While we were there, the mission team interacted with the children, families, and staff in order to develop relationships.  We worked and played with the children, had dinner with families, and visited places the parents worked.

Twice before I have experienced the love and strength of the people in Central America.  Like those trips, this one was life renewing.  It has made me much more grateful for the big things I often take for granted, like a car or a comfortable rainproof home, but it also teaches me to become less concerned about those tiny things that can seem so annoying here and more appreciative of even the little things I have, like safe tap water and toilet paper.

Though they seem to have so little, these people are so joyful and loving that you can’t walk into their presence without getting a hug. Their children are both exuberant and respectful.  Unlike many of us who are so privileged, these people love, believe in, and depend on God and each other in order to live their lives.  What a blessing to know them!

Enjoy the photos of the lovely people of La Entrata and the mural we painted:

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