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David Macbeth Visits South Africa

Music Director David Macbeth writes:

If anyone needs me, I’ll just be on the other side of the World!

Hello, and happy summer to First Presbyterian Church! You may notice that I’m not in my normal seat at the organ during the first three Sundays of July this year.  My family and I are on a bit of an adventure. . . .

On Monday, June 25 we depart for three weeks in the beautiful country of South Africa to attend the 10th World Choir Games. Presented by INTERKULTUR, the international governing body of competitive amature choral singing, the World Choir Games brings together choral ensembles from around the world in friendship and competition. Think of it as the “Olympics” of competitive choral singing!

Check out the official website:

Earlier this year I successfully applied for a 2018 Venture Academy grant.  This joint offering between the Lehigh Valley Charter HS for the Arts and Lehigh University is designed to support unique travel and educational experiences for arts faculty at both institutions.

With their support I will travel to the 2018 World Choir Games held in Tshwane, South Africa, for the purpose of collecting unique choral repertoire.  Choral ensembles from more than 70 countries will be in attendance at the games, providing a truly unmatched opportunity to sample and collect material from quite literally every choral tradition on the planet!

Upon my return I will present several lectures documenting our experiences, and as part of the 2018/2019 season I will present representative works with ensembles from both Charter Arts and FPCB.  Keep an eye on our church news outlets for details regarding my presentation in September.

Many thanks to my substitute organist, Mrs. Melanie Werley, substitute contemporary keyboard player, Nathaniel Hawk, and all of those who help to maintain our congregation’s vibrant musical life during the coming weeks.

David, Janellea, and Aixla Macbeth

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