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Alice’s Poetry


Many FPCB members are aware of the loving marriage of Alice and Ed McCarroll and that, following Alice’s death, Ed discovered a shoe box filled with poetry and short stories Alice had written in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Determined to share her words with others, and with the guidance of Sue Lucrezi, co-founder of the Favorite Poem Project of Bethlehem,¬†and Bill White of the Morning Call, Ed’s dream was recently realized.

The Wonderland of Alice, by Alice Foote, was recently published by Page Publishing Inc., and should be available in bookstores soon. With Ed’s permission, we are happy to share some of Alice’s poetry with his FPCB family.

Dear Friend
Your friendship and my friendship shall always be,
It is bound forever like the everlasting sea
On and on as weary days roll by,
Your friendship, my friendship shall never die.
My strength shall help you through times of despair
When the world looks black, forbidding and bare.
We will turn our backs and find warmth in our heart,
For true friendship like ours will never part.
Aug. 1937

Forgotten Smile
When it happens that you’ve found the way
to make your life worthwhile,
Then look in other hearts to find the warmth that’s in a smile.
That smile may open deep in hearts, the path so long forgot.
But don’t stop there, keep going on until you’ve found the lot.

The sunshine glitters in the smile and on into the night.
As morning comes we wake to see the smile still shining bright.
God let me be the worthy one and prove myself worthwhile.
That I might bring about to light a long-forgotten smile.
May 1940

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