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Adult Education plans Short-Term Summer Study

“Whether we are dealing with a rude clerk, our child saying, ‘That’s not fair’, our spouse ignoring us, or an antagonistic co-worker, in our struggle to respond effectively, we often become defensive – sometimes without even realizing it.”

For three mid-week evenings, beginning in June, Don Robertson and Ron Helmuth will lead a discussion of author Sharon Ellison’s Taking the War out of Our Words: The Art of Powerful, Non-Defensive Communications. Learn how to ask disarming questions that prompt others to drop their defenses; how to give direct feedback without being judgmental; and how to express your own beliefs and ideas passionately without being adversarial. We hope our discussion provides tools for healing conflict and guiding the way toward peace in our communities.

Dates will be announced soon. If interested, you have time to buy the book which is available in paperback (Published by Voices of Integrity, ISBN 978-0-9982446-0-0, 2016). For more information contact Don at

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