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Inquirer’s Seminar on April 29 and May 6

Have you been thinking about making First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem your church home? Are you interested in learning more about the Christian faith in general, the Presbyterian Church (USA) more specifically, or FPCB in particular? These are all good reasons for attending the next Inquirers Seminar, scheduled for the Sunday afternoons of April 29 and May 6 from noon to 4 PM at the church.
During the first week, we will discuss the basic theological beliefs of Christianity, and then explore the meaning and practices of being a follower (a “disciple”) of Jesus Christ. This first session provides the foundation for the second one, when we consider how the Reformed theological tradition and the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination help us to follow Christ more faithfully in our individual lives and as a congregation. Finally, we will turn to the particular mission and ministries of First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem and how you can find your own ministry in the midst of that. Watch Pastor J.C.’s invitation on Facebook here.
A light lunch will be provided for each class session, so it is very helpful if you RSVP. Complimentary professional childcare is also available if you arrange it with us at least two weeks in advance.
This is an “Inquirers” class, so there is not an expectation that you will join the church if you choose to attend; it is a class for inquiry, not decision-making! However, if you do want to join the church, attending both sessions in full is an expectation, and if you are ready to join and indicate that to us, we will make plans at the end of the class for that to happen.
If you would like to attend the class or if you simply have questions or concerns you would like to raise, please contact the Rev. J.C. Austin ( or 610-867-5865, x213). We hope you will join us!

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