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Heart for Honduras Immersion Trip 2018

WHO: Adults and youth (having completed 10th grade by June 2018 and accompanied by a parent) are eligible to attend.
WHAT: A one-week immersion trip to learn about economic, spiritual, educational, medical, governmental issues in Honduras by visiting homes, government officials, workplaces, health clinic, etc. Participants will interact with school children and their families.  We will also be running workshops on parenting/single parenting and/or marriage enrichment.
WHERE: La Entrada, Honduras. We fly from Newark, NJ to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. It is a two-hour bus ride from the airport to La Entrada.
WHEN: Saturday, July 7 through Saturday, July 14, 2018
WHY: To gain a better understanding of people who live quite different lives in much different circumstances than most of us experience. We will ask ourselves tough questions and open our minds to a deeper understanding of how God is calling us to be neighbor.
COST: $1300 plus a $100 non-refundable deposit which is due with the application by January 20, 2018 to the Barn Office, 682 N. Brookside Road, Suite 200, Allentown, PA  18106 (Phone:484-221-885).
HOW: The funding for the trip is generally gathered by writing to a minimum of 20 friends/family and inviting them to be your financial and prayer partners.  (Sample letters are provided for participants) Persons who feel called to join the trip are encouraged NOT to let financial concerns keep them from attending.  Often times some participants earn more than is necessary and funds can be shared.
EXTRA INFO: Speaking Spanish is not necessary. Food is very good. We stay in a hotel that is generally air conditioned (when power is working).  Double occupancy with shower (always wet, sometimes warm). Passport is required. Updated Tetanus and Hepatitis A are recommended.  Participants will be expected to attend 2-3 pre-trip information sessions.
ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? Please contact Rev. Sue Yoder at or Rev. Joanne Marchetto at joanne@the

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