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Let's remember that God is love

“God is Love and He made us in His image. He makes no mistakes. His greatest commandment is to love one another as we love ourselves.
So to judge and exclude those who are homosexual is downright sinful. God made them just as he made all of us. We need to take into account the time the Bible was written. Women and people of color are not viewed within the church today as they were back then, so why homosexuals?! There are many verses that support the argument!
It is close-minded and anti-Christ to leave PCUSA because of its open, loving arms to same-sex marriage. When I found out the news, I rejoiced! When I found out First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem’s intolerance, my heart ached. I left the Catholic Church for its bigotry and hate to have to do so again…”

–Submitted by Krista Anthony

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