The quality of our church depends on us staying together

This video was created by Ron Rankin, who has been a member of First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem for more than 45 years.


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    Vince Stravino says

    The Discernment process continues with an open general meeting of PRESBYTERIANS for UNITY this Tuesday January 5th at 7 P.M. in the Kirk Center. All church members are welcome to attend, learn, and ask the important questions involving the future of our great church. To preserve FPC-Bethlehem as we know it, please BRING AN UNCOMMITTED FRIEND OR TWO TO THIS INFO MEETING !! See you there.

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    Phil Fair says

    Thanks Ron. Well said and I share your sentiments.

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    Theresa says

    Thank you. Excellent points.

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    Vince Stravino says

    Thanks for sharing Ron.
    We need more concerned members to speak out for UNITY rather than disunity to save our great church.

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