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A Cause for Thanksgiving!

The following letter was recently sent on the behalf of the members of Presbyterians for Unity.

November 11, 2015

 Dear Ann Terres, Dave Duquette, and members of Session,
What a cause for Thanksgiving!  We, the members of Presbyterians for Unity, want to express our sincere gratitude for the tone and content of the most recent communication to the FPCB community.
Hearing that “It is the hope of both Session and the PET that we can work together as a positive witness to Christ’s love for us and set an example for how Presbyterians resolve their differences” responds to the most important goal for our group – that whatever the outcome of this process, we can remain in faithful and loving fellowship with each other, even more important than our common goal of ensuring “that a fair and complete dissemination of information about ECO and PC(USA) is given to the FPC Bethlehem congregation to properly discern God’s will for the future denomination of this great church.”  We are equally gladdened “that worship will remain a safe and sacred space at FPCB.”
Of course, we know that differences remain, but we believe that disagreement does not need to be conflict and that our commitment to love each other, this church, and our Lord Jesus Christ must prevail over any differences in our points of view.
We look forward to continuing genuine conversations, both private and public, and pray that we can reconcile our positions for the benefit of this community and our beloved church.
With thanks and prayers for reconciliation,
Presbyterians for Unity
Joanne Kelhart, Chair

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