The Artist in the Rotunda: Andrew Charles Price

For the next few weeks, we have a few pieces of art from Andrew Charles Price in the Rotunda. Make sure you check out his work during weekend services!

About Andrew Charles Price:


Andrew Charles Price was brought into this world on a appropriately sunny Thursday - the 15th of May, 1986. His journey began under the baptismal hands of Keith Brown, and he has held the First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem with high regard ever since. Andrew has been a veteran enthusiast in lifetime church activity. His great loves of fellowship-past were hunting frogs beneath the towering pines of New Hampshire's rolling hills at Kirk Camp, and helping those who lived with dire insufficiency during mission trips to Maine and Washington D.C. Even now as an adult, the church remains a solid haven for Andrew to pray and seek spiritual solace.

Andrew has been ever wild; deeply drawn to the Spirit through nature and to the incessant exploration of the Lord's creation. He has always been a mystery chaser - a child who pushed the limits to discover the beautiful truths of each moment, and now a man who sees that the Kingdom of Heaven truly begins when the Spirit leads the heart and the heart leads decision-making. These desires of Andrew's, of nature and of spirit, have led him on a photographic adventure that is yet in it's childhood. Andrew's passion for capturing dramatic moments of life with a certain candid character has taken him throughout various locales, both domestically and internationally, in search of an opportunity to document just how raw and gorgeous life can be. It is his rush, his magic carpet.

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