Meet Julie

Julie is one our vocalists in The Oasis Band. She’s got a contagious smile and laugh and really knows how to brighten your day.

Photo by Amanda Danziger
Photo by Amanda Danziger

How long have you been involved in The Oasis Band?

I started singing with the band in September 2012.

Who knows you the best?

Here on this earth, my husband Pat. Completely accepting and loving of who I am now… while disregarding how I got here.

What’s your favorite song that inspires you to volunteer?

Who Am I? by Casting Crowns.

Do you have a warm up song that you listen to before leading worship? If so, what is it?

I usually download the songs for the weekend into my iPhone then, when listening to them, one of them usually speaks to me…loudly. It warms me up vocally and spiritually!

Why should others get involved in the Creative Arts Team (CAT)?

Our church is so large that CAT allows for an opportunity to join a smaller family within the larger church family while giving of your time and talents in a super fun way!