Meet Barbara


Barbara is one of our hostesses on the hospitality team and serves along with Jeremiah Pierson. She’s been serving on our team for over two years. Check out this interview we did with her, she will put a smile on your face!

What's your specialty when you host? Serving the congregation with a smile and a warm cup of coffee or tea.  I’m a people person.  

What’s your favorite recipe? I don’t bake.  I serve the “goodies” that our awesome bakers provide.   Each team has hostesses and bakers.

What’s your favorite holiday meal and why?  I like any meal I can share with my family.  It’s not about the food for me, it’s about the company!  

What’s your fondest memory/most memorable moment with FPCB?  I’ve been taking care of the babies and toddlers for a very long time at FPCB.  A few months ago, I had the privilege to watch one of my “grown up” toddlers have her baby baptized. I love the warmth of families and friends worshiping together at the Oasis Contemporary service; so much love is expressed in many little ways.  

Why should others get involved with the CAT?  Anytime you have an opportunity to get involved personally in a program or project, I find you get far more out of the experience.  When you invest in others’ happiness, you bring pleasure to yourself.  That’s the greatest gift of volunteering.