Meet Nicki

We love having people on the CAT that wear many hats! Nicki is a photographer & designer but she also has a talent when it comes to baking. Perhaps she'll let us do a blog post about her famous granola bars. But on a side note, be sure to check out her photography and design work, you'll be amazed:

Photograph by Amanda Danziger
Photograph by Amanda Danziger

How long have you been involved in the CAT at FPCB?

Generally speaking, I've been working (infrequently) with the CAT for a few years. I've been attending FPCB for approximately 10, though, and have been involved with the Sunday School and a few other odd jobs.

What inspires your artwork? Do you have a favorite piece? 

I do. My favorite piece is one that I did in college - a piece called "Cagey"- which was inspired by John Cage and several other artists that I've bumped into along the way who have pointed me in the direction of my own aesthetic. It was the piece I used to get my first gallery in the city, the one that is most frequently used in publications, the one that sold first, and the one my Grandmother named her dog after. It's a light mint-ish green color with lines that sort of resemble thin figures walking toward the front of the canvas--an abstract photogram. (

How do you find God in your art? 

I think more than anything I see God in the science of what I do. The way color (light) can be used to create images while I'm working in pure darkness is pretty remarkably surprising to me each and every time. 

What kind of materials do you use? 

As an artist I use any materials that can manipulate light. Sometimes I use a camera, but most times I simply use the darkroom and light. As a baker, I typically try to make things that are physically good for my tasters. I care deeply for the individual health of those attending FPCB, so my goodies are healthy ones.

What’s your favorite recipe?

I have a granola bar recipe that is something I've developed and tweaked over the past five years; people tend to love it not only for the taste, but because they know it's good for them to eat and gives them lots of energy.