So, you want to intern for the Creative Arts Dept?


Last Summer we had Megan Carolan intern for us. She is a Music Business major at the University of Memphis. She is currently working as a Publishing Intern at Simply Grand Music, Inc. in Memphis, TN. Megan helped us with our music business side of things, and also sang with The Oasis Band. Here are a couple things Megan said about interning with us:

What was your favorite part about your internship with us?

I really enjoyed being a hand model for church media. (Yep, we used her hand for some video production things…)

Haha. Really, I loved getting and reading Creative Arts members’ interviews for the blog. It was so cool seeing how each person got involved in the Creative Arts team and how God has been at work in their life.

What are three things you learned during your internship?

1.    Royalties from streaming services: I had heard and learned in class that royalties from streaming services were very small, like fractions of pennies for each listen. It really put this into perspective when I got to study and organize Oasis streaming royalties. I saw that it can be hard to explain and calculate the streaming royalties; and each streaming service doesn’t always give the same amount each time to listen to the same song. This enhanced my understanding when I further studied the differences between streaming services in class.

2.    While I had worked at many merchandise tables before - the FPCB Musikfest Contemporary worship service was the first time I was the leader for one. I organized the merchandise table and had to problem solve the day of the event. For example, we had a backdrop for the table made out of curtains and pipes. I hadn’t even thought of a backdrop until Amanda and Brently talked about it. We had the back drop set up at the service and everything was fine until a gust of wind blew through the curtain and almost knocked down the back drop. Together with the merchandise team members, we found weights to hold it down.

3.    Through my business classes at school I learned about supply and demand. I applied this to the Oasis albums on sale at each service. Album sales were slow and the services were a fairly saturated market. However, when I lowered the price of the albums it renewed interest in buying and increased the demand.

Do you have any advice for future interns?

Have a resume ready for applying to internships like FPCB. It helps if you have had previous involvement in FPCB or another church. For example, before applying for the internship I had been on the worship team at FPCB, been a student leader at my school Presbyterian ministry, and been a worship leader for a school Methodist ministry. If you are thinking about working a part time job while doing the FPCB internship, look for a job that doesn’t require weekends to be available. As an intern for the Creative Arts team, you will frequently attend and perform intern duties at both the Saturday and Sunday services. So, it is better to get a part time job that has weekday availability.

How to apply and what we’re looking for:

This Spring, The Creative Arts Dept. is looking for a passionate, creative, and self-driven Summer intern. If you have passion for ministry and have one of the following talents, you should apply! Internship starts Thursday, June 5 and ends on August 14, 2014. All applications are due by April 4, 2014 at midnight.

·      Has a gift for leading worship

·      Plays an instrument and/or can sing!

·      Loves video production

·      Sound Engineer

·      Someone studying music business (or another related field)

Every summer we hold a large worship service at Musikfest (usually the first weekend of August - Date TBA). Throughout the month of June, we will finish up marketing strategies that go into effect in July. It’s a fun event to prepare for, and will be one of the biggest duties our intern(s) will take care of. Besides working on Musikfest service planning, you will have some key responsibilities during the Summer internship:

·      Must be available on weekends and some evenings

·      Office hours are Thursdays and Fridays

·      Work at The Oasis Band CD table during some weekend services

·      Organized and understand administrative tasks (Microsoft Office)

·      Understand marketing and communications

·      Great at writing (blog posts!)

·      Friendly and loves connecting with people

·      Open to learning and taking on extra responsibilities within the church and not just the Oasis Contemporary Services

This is an unpaid internship; it may be used for school credit. If interested, please send an application and portfolio (if applicable). If you are a musician, please send us a video audition.

If you think you are the perfect candidate, send us an application.