Meet Tom

Tom Remely joined the Creative Arts Team (CAT) back in 2011. Some of you may recognize Tom as one of our lead worshippers here at the Oasis. When he’s not here he works at Nazareth Area Middle School as a Computer Technology Teacher and also coaches co-ed soccer. Here’s a little chance to get to know him some more!

When did you begin playing a musical instrument? I took group guitar lessons initially with my 4th grade teacher after school. I also started to learn the drums in 5th grade through our school band.

What inspires your songwriting?Life, family, God, other artists

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned while attending Tune Master Club sessions? To be self-critical.

Why? I always found it difficult to step back and take kind of a birds eye view of my songs, especially after spending so much time working on details.  It has always been helpful to have others critique my songs, but I feel that I am better prepared to self-critique now than I was before because Jim [Carolan, teacher of Tune Master Class] has given me specific things to look for.  I can almost use them as a checklist.  I don't know what got me interested in writing, but I can tell you my first written piece was actually back in my first year of playing.  It was called Silver and Gold, and it was written on a half sheet of paper.  The quality was about what you'd expect from a 4th grader first learning to play, but it was an important first step.  I still have that paper, along with many scraps of paper, napkins, etc, that have bits of songwriting on them.

What is your favorite song that you play with the Oasis Band?

A single favorite?  That's impossible.  One of my favorites is actually a Brently/Jim song, Close To You.  Other favorites include Forever Reign, He Reigns, Great I Am, Here With Me, I Can Only Imagine, Rescue, and Kindness.

Do you have a warm up song that you listen to before leading worship? If so, what is it?

I don't have a specific song that I always use.  I always pick one from that week's order of worship, and I'll play it in the car on the way to church. I especially need that at 7:00am to wake those vocal chords up.

What’s on your playlist currently?

I have about 20GB of music in my collection.  Do you want that alphabetically or chronologically?  Seriously, I generally keep it on random, so my playlist is the whole collection.  It includes quite the range, from Chris Tomlin to Kiss, from Martina Mcbride to Men At Work.

Besides music, what other things do you do here at FPCB?

I was on a YCX cooking team for several years.  I now help with the SNL snack rotation. I did some work for the Habitat for Humanity project on the south side a few years ago.  I participated in a parenting class, Brainard work weekend, Kirk camp, small group, and of course The Oasis Band!

Why should others get involved in the CAT? 

Contemporary worship and children’s ministries are what brought us to this church.  Being that I am a musician, it was a natural progression to get involved.  I’m glad I did.  Being in more of a leadership role has actually made me seek God’s leadership more.  There are so many ways to help.  Find your niche, get involved, and watch what God does with you.

What’s your fondest memory/most memorable moment with FPCB?

The first time I sang “I Can Only Imagine” in service after my Mom passed.