A Different Type of Resolution


Every year thousands of people make resolutions, promises and commitments to try and uphold for an entire year.  I have a hard time keeping a resolution for more than a week!  Most resolutions deal with personal issues: losing weight, cutting out soda or candy, managing debt and stress, quitting smoking or other vices.  Taking care of yourself is important, after all God rested after He created us.  Still, I cannot help but think all too often our New Year’s Resolutions are shallow and selfish.

What would happen if instead of focusing on self improvement we focused on building better relationships with others?  Without a doubt, I would not be where I am if it were not for people who gave of themselves time and time again in developing a genuine and loving relationship with me.  In the Scripture, Paul expresses a desire for the older men to instruct the young men and the older women to instruct the young women in the ways of the Lord (Titus 2:4).  What relationships are you investing in?  Maybe the New Year’s Resolution you really need to make is not for self improvement, but for opportunities to help improve and care for the lives of our young one’s here in the church and in our community.  The amount of joy you would receive from this investment is invaluable because you can make a difference in the lives of our young children for eternity.

There are numerous ways you can help our young children in our church and community.  First and foremost, pray for them!  Prayer is such a powerful tool and really enables us to be the hands and feet of Christ.  Our High School students will be going on a retreat to Camp Brainerd in a few short weeks, pray that they might experience the Spirit of God and come to know Him on a deeper level.  As we learn about “breaking the chains” of all that entangles us, pray that they might be free from the burdens which we carry so that they might experience the freedom we have in Christ.  Another way to support them is to send them an encouraging note or card (contact me for information on how to send them a card).  Your words, prayers, and support will change the lives of our students and enable us to be builders of God’s Kingdom! 

Instead of focusing your resolutions on yourself, resolve yourself to transform the lives of one of our young ones; it will make an unimaginable difference in their life.

Eric Dorville is the High School Youth Coordinator here at FPCB. Ever since he joined our team he has become a twitter extraordinaire and can be reached at @ericdorville or send him an e-mail, edorville@fpc-bethlehem.org