Meet Trish

Meet Trish Fritz, a CAT member on the Confession Team. 

Why did you get involved in the confession team?

I prayed about this after being invited to consider leading into the prayer of confession.  I believe that God was blessing this work for me to be involved in the worship service.

What’s different about being involved with the CAT compared to other teams at FPC Bethlehem?

It is another wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord in fellowship with others, many of whom I have not met before.

How has confession team changed your spiritual life?

I believe that this preparation has been very humbling.  God has led me into deeper prayer and focus on scripture to prepare for leading the prayer of confession.  I have learned more about my own sinfulness, and each time, I have experienced that God has led me to what He wants me to say, usually after several days of study and prayer.

How do you prepare each weekend's prayer of confession?

I pray, read scripture and parts of books to discern what God’s message is in conjunction with the community prayer.

What’s your favorite Bible verse?

Romans 8:26

Why should others get involved CAT?

To serve God and others, to get to know and have fellowship with new people.