Meet Joseph

Meet Joseph Wolensky one of our Audio Engineer's here at TheOasis Contemporary Services. Before Joseph joined our team he was doing a lot of singer-songwriter work in the UK and mixing sound at churches in London.

Joseph. Photo by Amanda Danziger.
Joseph. Photo by Amanda Danziger.

When did you get involved in sound engineering?My father is an electrical engineer and so I have been around audio equipment and circuit boards for most of my life. What started as a means to record the music I was writing eventually became a business when people began offering to pay me for my services.

What’s your favorite piece of sound equipment?


What’s your favorite effect?A good warm sounding delay.

What is your favorite song that you mix at our services?

“Happy Day” by Tim Hughes

What do you do besides working here at FPC Bethlehem? I run my own business as a freelance audio engineer ( The types of projects I work on range from local artists all the way up to nationally distributed television programs.

What is the most challenging part of your job?As an engineer, my goal is to create a mix that is custom tailored to the songs and musicians performing them. This can be difficult as working in a live sound environment often creates a number of unforeseen problems that must be quickly solved. 

What’s your fondest memory/most memorable moment with FPCB?

Working and performing at last years Alive Festival with Jars of Clay.

What’s on your playlist currently?

Gotye, Peter Gabriel, Bon Iver, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.