Meet Dave & Paula

We did a brief interview with Dave and Paula, a father-daughter duo on our Media team. Without them, we wouldn't know what lyrics to sing. 

Dave & Paula. Photo by Amanda Danziger. 
Dave & Paula. Photo by Amanda Danziger. 

How long have you been involved in CAT/FPC?

Dave: Since Fall 2007, I believe. 

Paula: At least four years.

How does volunteering together contribute to your growth as a family?

Dave: It helps in some ways, especially with Paula, but it is a sacrifice on worshipping together as a full family.

What's it like working with your daughter?

Dave: She is a quick study, and very committed, and it truly has been a joy to work with her. 

Paula: It has been good having my dad help teach me to run it, and always a call away if I don’t know how to fix something.

What’s your favorite FPCBethlehem video? And why?

Dave: I am a closet fan of Amanda’s Musikfest promos, and I am amazed at Kat’s talent at stitching together videos that complement the topic of the message.

Paula: I like the Musikfest promos and the Hospitality video with the gingerbread men.

Paula, what made you decide to be involved on the media team?

Paula: I got tired of sitting around watching my dad run it all during rehearsals, so he started teaching me.

What’s your fondest memory/most memorable moment with FPCB?

Paula: My fondest memory concerning media was probably the first time I ran it by myself without my dad.  [At] FPCB, I have so many I can’t say them all, but one of my favorites was my first real mission trip, to Washington D.C.