Meet Dave

Meet Dave Baun, bassist on The Oasis Band. Super fun, friendly, and cool. 

Dave Baun. Photo by Amanda Danziger
Dave Baun. Photo by Amanda Danziger

When did you start playing bass guitar? 

I started out on cello at the age of 10, which didn’t last long.  Over the next few years I tried various other instruments that I did not stick with.  I was 14 when I picked up the electric bass and I knew I had found my groove.

What’s your favorite effect pedal?

I have been using the same effects pedal for over 15 years now, the ZOOM 505.  It is the only one I have ever used with any regularity.  It has many preset sounds that have been useful to me and it has held up well.  I plan to get into some different effect pedals in the near future.

Who is your favorite bassist? 

A very difficult question for sure.  There are many players I love for different reasons.  A few years ago I started exploring jazz players and really got into Victor Wooten.  If I had to pick one, he is currently my favorite.  More recently I have found Norm Stockton, who played with Lincoln Brewster, to be one that I hold in high regard as well.  Over the years some of my top favorites have been Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Tony Levin, Paul McCartney, John Entwistle, John Myung and Steve Harris.

What is your favorite song that you play with The Oasis Band?

Another very difficult question!  In just over a year I have played so many great songs with The Oasis Band, and enjoyed them all.  The most challenging and fun song was Lincoln Brewster’s ‘Salvation Is Here’ which we did on Easter Sunday.  Some of my other favorites are: “Praise Your Name,” “Nothing Is Impossible,” “Let God Arise,” “The Great I Am” and “One Thing Remains.”

What other gigs do you play besides being in The Oasis Band?

Around the same time that I joined the CAT, I began playing with a local original band called ROI and The Secret People.  I compare our music to that of Elvis Costello, Tom Petty and John Cougar; upbeat and catchy.  We play locally as well as in the NYC and Philadelphia club scene. 

How does being involved with the CAT inspire you?

When I first came to FPC [Bethlehem] for a service and heard The Oasis Band, I felt so good and I knew I really wanted to be a part of that.  It wasn’t long before I was talking with Brently, auditioned and was participating in my first rehearsal/service.  I wish I could do it every weekend but that would be selfish as I am not the only bassist on the team and I am sure the others enjoy it as much as I do.  Simply put, becoming part of the CAT kind of felt like coming home.