Meet Bob

We've been compiling mini-interviews with some of our teammembers on the CAT (Creative Arts Team) here at FPCBethlehem. Meet Bob Stevens, drummer in The Oasis Band. (Plus his two different personalities). 

Bob Stevens. Photo by Amanda Danziger.
Bob Stevens. Photo by Amanda Danziger.

How did you first get involved with the CAT?

Serious Bob: When Brently first started the Oasis Contemporary Worship Services at FPCB, he was short on accomplished musicians and found me through a mutual friend. After auditioning, we found that our personal musical styles worked well together and I've been playing ever since.

Real Bob: In the world of music, it's all who you know. Because I didn't know Brently initially, it was easy to get to know him when we were first introduced. During my audition, I decided to play the same tempo and time signature as Brently was playing. Needless to say, he was VERY impressed (mainly because he hadn't started playing yet and was just tuning his guitar). Since that first audition, I have spent years accompanying all of the musicians tuning their instruments before the other drummer plays the service.

What is your favorite song that you play with the Oasis Band?

Serious Bob: I don't necessarily have a favorite song as much as I enjoy playing. However, when the entire band hits just the right groove or plays very cohesively, there's no greater feeling.

Real Bob: G# 

What's on your playlist currently?

Serious Bob: Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Justin Timberlake (live versions only because the albums don't have the same feel) and everything from Radiohead to Dvorak to Count Basie as I like to keep up with all styles of music.

Real Bob: An array of different songs. 

Do you have a warm up song that you listen to before volunteering? If so, what is it?

Serious Bob: As a musician, songs are constantly playing in my head so I tend to have a soundtrack for my life at any given moment.

Real Bob: "Happy Go Lively" by Laurie Johnson

What makes you move?

Serious Bob: Just about anything that involves live music from classical to jazz to Michael Jackson.

Real Bob: A difficult land lady.