Angione & Smith Wedding

Dear Church Family,

Years ago, Elisa Angione and Scott Smith were baptized before God and a congregation. We committed ourselves as parents to raising them in the love and knowledge of Christ.  On that day you were asked, “Will you help to nurture this child in their faith and walk with them in their discipleship?”  You responded, “We will by the help of God.”  And you have done just that to this very day.  Thank you, Church.

You held Elisa and Scott in nursery, taught them in Sunday School, and ran Vacation Bible School programs where Bibles stories came to life in magical ways. You cooked hot meals and ate with them, listening with rapt attention to their stories and adventures. With wide smiles and peals of laughter, you played games of all sorts with them: frogging, kickball, mini golf, Frisbee and ice skating to name a few. They learned to take turns, how to win, how to lose, and how to get along.  Thank you, Church.

You took precious vacation days from work to lead mission trips and retreats, and you traveled in crowded vans and slept on church floors so they could experience the joy of serving others firsthand.  They learned to value others, care for each other, and be in community.  Thank you, Church.

You were there when Elisa and Scott wondered about God and questioned their faith, and you mentored them as they explored what they believe and in Whom they believe.  Thank you, Church.

When they went to college and served in Iraq, your interest and love followed them in the form of care packages, notes of encouragement, delicious cookies, and prayers. Thank you, Church. 

Your kindness, in words and actions, live on. Everything you have said and done mattered and still does. You have been an integral part of their lives since the beginning. We celebrate how you have touched Elisa and Scott and the lives of so many others.  Thank you, Church.

Elisa and Scott are getting married in this weekend and we can’t imagine this special occasion without you. Please join us on July 30th at 2:00 pm for the ceremony and reception immediately following.  Your presence will make our joy complete. 

With heartfelt gratitude,
Becki and Corrado Angione
Ruth and Joe Smith