FPC Bethlehem Mission & Outreach was presented with a community service award from our local mission partner, the Hispanic Center of the Lehigh Valley.

On Friday, April 15th, The First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem was honored with the Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley 2016 Sergia Montz Volunteer Award during the HCLV’s annual Fiesta event.

“Your commitment and dedication to the community, as well as your energy and passion to make the center the best it can be is truly admirable. Your accomplishments and fearless spirit are an inspiration to all,” stated HCLV’s Executive Director Lorna Velazquez. “Only by telling stories like yours can we hope to educate the public about the personal achievements and community contributions being made by courageous, uplifting, and heartening people like you!”

When FPCB selected the Hispanic Center as a volunteer location for serve day in 2012, it was intended to be a one day affair. However, over the past four years, First Pres’ relationship with the center has blossomed into something much more. Now as an official partner organization, the Hispanic Center, which aims to improve the quality of life of Lehigh Valley families and spread intercultural understanding, is included in our church’s budget, volunteer efforts, care, and time. Through programs such as a food bank, ESL lessons, and EL Camino Fellowship--FPC's bi-lingual fellowship and Bible study--volunteers from the church are making a difference in the local community through the center.

Pastor Manuela Kauer, who has spent much of her time supporting this incredible partnership, expresses that we grow both spiritually and personally when we work with partners that bring us diversity and different cultures. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit http://www.fpc-bethlehem.org/serve.