Serve Day 7.0

Serve Day, an intergenerational day of local mission engagement with our community, was Saturday, April 30. It was a great opportunity to work with our local mission partners and build relationships with our church family.

“I hope you all participated in Serve Day 7.0. If not, there’s always next year.
I remember serving in the first Serve Day, when Pastor Jack Brace was here. I have served in many since. Sadly, I have observed the number of participants dwindling each year.
I wish you could all know the powerful, fulfilling experience of serving God and our community that I have felt.
Today my team, consisted of Mike, Jonathan, Irene, Colleen, Mach, Gary and I. We did landscaping around the building at CareNet on East Broad St. Bethlehem. Carenet offers advice and testing services to pregnant women.
One of the amazing things about Serve Day is a group of people can come together with God in their midst to get a job done and enjoy doing it. Everything went like clockwork and we were done in 3 hours, in time for Mike Drago to pitch in a baseball game this afternoon and Colleen to work on our First Fruits church garden.
Please sign up next year when you get the first notice. You won’t regret it. You can come see me if you do! Remember, in the words of the Apostle James: Faith without action is dead.” –Barry Kessler, Site Leader