Our Second Graders Received Their Bibles

Our Second Grade students and their families attended the Annual Second Bible Brunch on March 6, 2016 in Fellowship Hall. During Children’s Education classes this year, our second graders learned about the history of the Passover in the Old Testament, as well as the correlation and meaning of the Last Supper in the New Testament. They also learned how to recite and sing The Lord’s Prayer and sing “Thy Word,” all of which they performed for the families on stage during the Bible Brunch.  Prior to the luncheon, the children attended either the 10:00 a.m. Traditional service or 10:30 a.m. Contemporary service with their families, where they recited The Lord’s Prayer in front of the congregation.

For many years, Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Van Norman, a very generous couple from our congregation, have committed themselves to assuring that every second grader is presented with their own Bible, in memory of their daughter, Michelle Van Norman Tirpak.  A special thank you to our second grade teachers, JoAnne Turcotte, Jody Higgins and Shawn Remely and Youth Helpers, Katia Faroun and Kaylee Davis who have helped prepare our second graders for this special milestone.

Students Who Received Bibles on March 6, 2016

Helaina Grace Acker
Audrey Bloss-Ferry
Jack Davis
Brandon Ferrara
Carter Ferrara
Nathan Gissing
Caroline Grace Grum
Raina R. Guzman
Samuel Nicholas Hayes
Nathan Lynn
Mya Marie Marsac
Tesia Elise Mikuta
Evan Michael Naia
Thomas John Ray
Haley Elizabeth Sawyer
Ezekiel Tron Spencer
Benjamin Tyson