Prayer Is...

It is unlikely that we will deepen our relationship with God in a casual or haphazard manner. There will be a need for some intentional commitment and some reorganization in our own lives. But there is nothing that will enrich our lives more than a deeper and clearer perception of God’s presence in the routine of daily living. —William O. Paulsell

“Is this all there is?
I feel like I'm going nowhere fast!”

Thus began my search to discover and grow a more meaningful and regular time with God so that I might know and love Him more. My “devotional” time each day, I am sorry to say, was not a time that I looked to with anticipation. Perhaps I was growing in knowledge of Him but I was not growing relationally with Him. That is what I wanted and needed, and that’s when I started on this new leg of my journey.

It was 15 years ago when I was asked to join a small group that was reading a book entitled Soul Feast by Marjorie Thompson. I learned that there are many ways to spend time, connect, and build a relationship with God.  These ways are called Spiritual Disciplines: Breath Prayer, Meditation, Centering Prayer, Silence, Fasting, Journaling, and Lectio Divina (just a fancy way to say Sacred Reading…fear not!) As I read, discussed the Spiritual Disciplines with this small group of women, I was amazed at what my daily time with God could look like…as well as my time away on retreats. A whole new world opened up to me.

And then came Prayer Is…

This annual five-day event at First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem was an opportunity for me and others on the planning team to share some of these disciplines with our church family and the community. Every year, we transform the Kirk Center into a peaceful, tranquil, welcoming, warm, and yes, holy place for people to stroll around the room at their leisure and sample what the stations have to offer. You are on your own to spend as little or as much time as you have at any or all of the dozen stations. Prayer Is…is just the right place for beginner, middler and professional pray-ers. It is just right, just enough, not too much, and not too overwhelming.

This year, please consider making time to experience Prayer Is... Bring a friend—or 3 or 4! Our hope and prayer is that something will touch you in a way that allows you to spend time with God in a new way and in turn, deepen your relationship with Him. God will bless whatever offering you make from the heart with commitment and sincerity. The more you give yourself to prayer, the more life you will find in it. Trust me on this.

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March 13-17 in the Kirk Center
Sunday, March 13, 4-8 p.m.
Monday, March 14 through Thursday, March 17, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.