Lenten Conversations: Scripture

Join us for Lenten Conversations, short interactions focused on how to experience Lent,
the 40-days leading up to Easter, to the fullest extent. In each conversation we explore a sermon topic from our Lent series and apply it to following Christ in the real world. Join us.

"One thing that has been helpful to me is to combine scripture with something I love or that I do regularly. For instance, I have an audio version of the Bible that I put on when I take a long drive. Or when taking a walk or riding a bike, it's playing in my ears. Or friendship is another thing I really enjoy, so to sit with a friend over coffee & talk about a verse or a few verses..." LISTEN TO MORE OF THE LENTEN CONVERSATION BELOW.


Question 1:      
Why do you think that so many Bible are purchased and so few of them read?

Question 2:     
If folks are listening and thinking, “I don’t have time or attention to read the Bible”– what are some thing they can do to grow in that area of their discipleship?

Question 3:     
Can you share with us a time when the Bible played a transformative role in your own life??

Question 4      
What version of the Bible do you use for your own study and devotional life?

If you want to hear Beth’s sermon you can find it online at:


Apply the Scripture using ‘SPACE PETS’
S – Is there a sin I need to confess?
P – Is there a promise to claim?
A – Is there an attitude I need to change?
C – Is there a command to obey?
E – Is there an example to follow or avoid?

P – Is there a prayer to pray?
E – Is there an error to avoid?
T – Is there a truth to believe?
S – Is there something to praise God for or be thankful for?


Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart, How to Read the Bible for All its Worth <link>
J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays, Journey into God’s Word <link>
Richard L. Schultz, Out of Context: How to Avoid Misinterpreting the Bible <link>