Fourth Sunday in Advent

Now is the time to prepare for the Coming of the Messiah this Advent Season.  Meet us here each day of Advent where we will be posting a blog written by members of First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem,  representing an intergenerational sampling of contributors as they reflect on the scripture selections from the Daily Lectionary Advent readings from the Book of Common Worship. If you would like to download a copy of the First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem Advent Devotional, CLICK HERE.

LECTIONARY READING:1 Samuel 2:1b–10; Titus 2:1–10; Luke 1:26–38

Take a few minutes this morning to reflect and journal on today's lectionary reading.

Reflections on 1 Samuel 2:1b–10:
What qualities does Hannah ascribe to God in her prayer?  Who is God’s anointed in verse 10?

Reflections on Titus 2:1–10:
What are some of the qualities that need to be taught to Christians?

Reflection on Luke 1:26–38:
What is Mary’s reaction to the angel’s greeting?  What is her response to the angel’s message?  Is there a part of your life where you need to believe that “nothing is impossible with God?”

Prayer: Loving God, as we read the Christmas story, we recognize Mary’s willingness to do your will and be part of your sovereign plan. Help us to be thankful as your plan unfolds in our lives and we experience your unconditional love. Amen.