Planned Giving is one way of expressing gratitude to God through the wise use of the personal resources God entrusts to us. Planned Giving enables the donor—or Heritage Partner--to thoughtfully transfer resources to the next generation and helps the church to gather the resources necessary for its mission and ministry. Heritage Partners fund such gifts with cash, stocks, or property. Gifts can be current or can be a legacy upon the death of a donor.

All members and friends are invited to become Heritage Partners by making planned gifts. Andy Roman, our Planned Giving Officer, can assist you with specific information about giving opportunities at FPC Bethlehem.

Planned Giving is the outgrowth of diligent financial planning. To learn more about how to plan, see our generational checklist.

A bequest in your will may be a way to make a gift tax-free to the church.

If you have a passion for a particular area of ministry, You can provide permanent funding that ministry by making an endowed gift. READ MORE about FPC Bethlehem’s Endowments.
CLICK HERE to download Endowment document.

There may be substantial tax advantages to you if you give assets to FPC Bethlehem that have increased in value, rather than selling the assets and giving the proceeds of the sale.

A gift of assets today can make current ministries possible, as well as provide regular income to you during your lifetime and potential tax benefits.

Judy Whitford of First Presbyterian Church in Iowa City, Iowa makes a big impact through her decision to leave ten percent of her estate to the church. She hopes that it will help her congregation empower others in the future as they have empowered her in the past.