SATURDAY: 6 P.M. | SUNDAY: 9 & 11 A.M. 

At our Kirk Center Services, you will find an opportunity to connect with God as well as other believers in a casual, inviting atmosphere. This service is led by instrumentalists, singers, and a creative arts team of talented and passionate volunteers whose single goal is to help people encounter Jesus. Our services include modern music, a relevant message, and a time of ministry and prayer, drawing on modern and ancient musical and liturgical influences. We’re casual in our dress but serious about seeking God.

When it’s time for service to start, here’s what you can expect:

1. You will be honored and respected.
2. The band will play some music, and someone will say, “Hello.”
3. There will be more inspirational music, ancient liturgy and prayer.
4. A pastor will talk about what the Bible has to say about real life.
5. More music, prayer, and someone will say, “See you next week.”
6. The entire service lasts about 60 minutes.